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The Mission of Equine Dentistry Without Drama™

We provide the highest value in dental care for horses using time proven horsemanship skills.  Developing mutual respect through using these skills we create willing partnerships allowing us to effectively address every tooth within the mouth using hand floats and precise techniques.

We value the horse owner in their time and property by acting professionally and with respect in all aspects of the visit.

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Horsemanship Dentistry Explained In 8 Short Videos:

The videos below demonstrate the principles behind Horsemanship Dentistry that we use in our practice.  We use the expression "Seeing is believing" and most new clients don't believe that we can do this with their horse until they see it done.

We float 97% of the horses we see without using medications according to our statistics.  These videos are just a preview of what we do every day throughout the United States.

If you want to learn how to do this then check out The Horsemanship Dentistry School or make an appointment to see us work on your horses.

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The Approach

Oral Palpation

Start Lower Arcade

The Bit Seat

Upper Left Start

Upper Left Finish

Hand and Float