Geoff Tucker, DVM

The Equine Practice, Geoff Tucker DVMDr Tucker started his floating career while in veterinary school at Cornell University in New York in 1983 after starting his professional career with horses in 1973.

Since that day when his mentor showed him how to perform an oral exam by hand without a speculum, he has been perfecting the technique. After more than 3 decades and floating over 65,000 horses, he now calls his floating style The Tucker Technique of Horsemanship Dentistry.

Dr Tucker is the founder of the Horsemanship Dentistry™ movement that promotes the use of horsemanship not only in dentistry, but with anything done with horses. He is also the co-developer of the Horsemanship Dentistry School where this style of dentistry for horses is taught world wide.

Dr Tucker is licensed in FL, GA, SC, LA, TN, VA, NY, CT, MA, and WA. No license is required to float teeth in VT and MD. He can also work in any other state as long as there is a veterinarian asking him to come as a guest and they are the host. Every state has different laws, but in general terms, every state allows for this. In essence, Dr Tucker will travel anywhere he can legally work on horse teeth. He also is looking for people, especially veterinarians, willing to learn Horsemanship Dentistry™ in every state of the US.

Melissa Buday

The Equine Practice, Melissa BudayMelissa Buday got started with horses when she was 2 years old and by high school, was known as the one to call to ride any horse in town. For a short time after college, she worked outside of horses but was soon drawn back when she found out that Dr Tucker was looking for someone to join his practice.

She tried out for the position in 2009 and has been with The Equine Practice, Inc since then.

Her natural talent with horses is now coupled with dentistry making her not only a master of Horsemanship Dentistry with close to 15,000 horses floated, but has placed her as the lead instructor at the Horsemanship Dentistry School.

Melissa's focus is Horsemanship Dentistry in Florida with expansion into South Carolina.

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