Equine Dentistry Without Drama™
Clinics and demonstrations

The Equine Practice, Inc has a lifelong mission to spread the word of the traditional way of floating teeth. We call it Equine Dentistry Without Drama™ and we teach it through our school called The Horsemanship Dentistry School™. But seeing is believing. Until you actually see a hand go deep into the mouth of an non-sedated horse feeling the last cheek teeth and until you see the horse drop their head in gratefulness as the sharp points are removed and the oral pain eliminated, you just might not believe it is possible.


The Equine Practice Inc, Equine Dentistry Without Drama, Geoff Tucker DVM, Melissa Buday
  • We love teaching and demonstrating our techniques and talking about the benefits of Horsemanship Dentistry for you and your horses.
  • We love groups of children at barns as part of their club or camp.
  • We are flexible in how we present. It can be in a hotel meeting room or in a barn surrounding a horse.
  • Dr Tucker uses words effectively to present and answer all questions.
  • Melissa Buday often accompanies Dr Tucker so that she can float the horse behind Dr Tucker who presents and described the action.

The floating cost for one horse is waived when presenting a clinic or demonstration provided that…

  • …it is within a loop of travel and we have a full day of work before and / or after the clinic.
  • …it is well advertised to all horse owners in the area unless it is a closed group where it is also well advertised.
  • …there is no special charge for people to attend our event.
  • …it is held at a reasonable time, preferably not during midday but either first thing in the morning or at the end of a day.

Just call or send us an email with the details to start the process of scheduling and discuss the details. Remember, the clinic needs to be within a loop of travel to avoid paying for travel expenses.

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about Horsemanship Dentistry™.
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