Equine Dentistry Without Drama™
We cover the United States – Zone 1

Farms south of a line connecting Jacksonville west along I 10, then south along SR 301, then south of SR 24 to Gainesville, over to Archer, then south along SR 27 and SR 41 to Dunellen then Beverly Hills and Crystal River.

Farms north of this line in Florida are considered Zone 2.

"Loop of travel" explained
We schedule farms in a loop of travel so travel expenses are shared equally regardless of your distance from the home base. You can assume that we will place your appointment within a loop of travel to other farms to assure you of the base price per horse even if you only have one horse.

An “On Demand” visit is for those who want to schedule a unique visit outside the loop of travel.

  • The base price is discounted to $175 when paid at the time of service .
  • The Pre-Payment Program is available.
  • There is no minimum number of horses needed to visit your barn. All horses are scheduled within a “Loop of travel” which means that your horse or horses are included on a day when we can meet a minimum number of horses to cover our expenses.
  • There are NO added farm calls or trip charges. All travel expenses are included.
  • There are NO group or volume discounts.
  • Additional cost may occur including medication and special procedures. See the tab below.
  • There is no billing for work. Your bill is due at the time of service. Any reason for non-payment adds $25 to each horse for a total base fee of $200.
  • If you have an emergency, call your local veterinarian. Travel and cost logistics make emergency service impossible; however, we should be available for telephone consultation.

We would love the opportunity to give a demonstration or clinic to showcase this style of equine dentistry. Click the button to the right (or below in a mobile device) for more information.

You can easily spread out your dentistry cost by pre-paying using our fully automated system.

  • Call 888-HORZVET (888-467-9838).  Just say that you want to use the no interest pre-payment program. Determine how many months you want to split the total cost into and we will set you up.
  • That’s it!!
Example -
Let’s say you have 3 horses. That’s $175 times 3 = $525. Say you want to make 6 payments, give a credit card, and you will be billed monthly for $87.50 starting with the first payment on the day you call. 5 months later, you will be paid in full in time for your 6 month appointment.
  • If there is any additional costs, or if you add a horse, you pay that at the time of service just like you do now.
  • If you no longer have a horse, you can leave your balance as a credit or we can refund it to your card.
  • This is a very simple and automatic option that spreads out your costs without costing you interest or worry that you can’t get your horse’s teeth done.
  • Remember, you can design your own pre-payment plan to make this part of your life easier.
  • Call today to set it up. Or when we see you, tell us you want to start for the next visit.

The Pre-Payment Plan Details

Medication costs are extra:

  • About 10 horses in every 100 (10%) needs medication to remove oral pain. This can include extractions or ulcers with a low threshold to pain.
  • There are about 2 to 3 horses per 100 (2 to 3%) that also require medication to remove fear.
  • The medications used are potent pain removers (analgesics) and anxiety relievers, not just a mind numbing sedative.

Procedures other than floating cost extra:

  • wolf tooth extraction
  • cap removal
  • extraction of fractured teeth
  • removal of cap remnants
  • extraction of diseased or end stage teeth
  • reduction of over-erupted teeth
  • others

Veterinary and hosting fees are extra:

  • You are responsible for all other charges assessed by another veterinarian if their services are required.
  • You are responsible for any fees charged by the hosting barn.
We honor non-profit farms with a $45 discount off of the published base cost.

  • Only IRS registered non-profit organizations are eligible.
  • The base cost is $130 per horse in Zone 1
  • The Pre-Payment Program is available.
  • There is no minimum number of horses per farm to schedule provided there are a minimum of 10 horses combined in the area.
  • How soon we can come to your farm is dependent on the number of people requesting work in your area.
  • Additional cost may occur including medication and special procedures. These are at full price.
  • There is no billing for work. All costs are due at the time of service. Any reason for non-payment adds $25 plus the removal of the discount to each horse for a total of $200 per horse.
  • Any fees the host vet charges for work not in a listed state in Zone 2 is between the horse owners and the veterinarian.
An “on demand” visit to Zone 1  outside a loop of travel is $875 paid in advance by credit card. The actual number of horses seen will be divided into $875 to determine the price per horse. For example 3 horses would cost $291.67 each.
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