Equine Dentistry Without Drama™
The “No-Drama” Pre-Payment Plan

You can easily spread out your dentistry cost by pre-paying using our fully automated system.

  • Click here and fill in the form with your details and we will get back to you to confirm.
  • Call 888 HORZVET (467-9838)) and leave a message. Just say that you want to use the no interest pre-payment program. Determine how many months you want to split the total cost to float all of your horses into and you will be set up for automatic monthly payments.
  • That’s it!!
  • If there are any additional costs, or if you add a horse, you pay that at the time of service just like you do now.
  • If you no longer have a horse, you can leave your balance as a credit or we can refund it to your card.
  • This is a very simple and automatic option that spreads out your costs without costing you interest or worry that you can’t get your horse’s teeth done.
  • Remember, you can design your own pre-payment plan to make this part of your life easier.

Budget your expenses at ZERO % financing – set up your Pre-Payment Plan today!

888-HORZVET (467-9838)

Examples -
1) Let’s say you have 3 horses in Zone 1 at $175 per float.. That’s $175 times 3 = $525. Tell us you want to make 6 payments, give a credit card (stored in a PCI compliant, protected and LEGAL database), and you will be charged monthly for $87.50 starting with the first payment on the day you call. 5 months later, you will be paid in full in time for your 6 month appointment.

2) Let’s say you have 5 horses in Zone 2 at $195 for a total of $975. You could pay $200 now, then $200 at 3 months and the balance of $575 at the visit. ANY COMBINATION WORKS!

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