Congratulations for taking the first steps to providing a healthier happier life for your horse!

Horsemanship Dentistry™ – It’s right for the horse.

If you want to see this style of equine dentistry, then take the time to watch the 8 videos below.  2 horses with different personalities are floated without drugs or a mouth speculum and every edge of every tooth is smoothed.

People will tell you that what I do can’t be done. I am a Cornell veterinarian with over 62,000 floats performed since 1983. Less than a dozen other equine dentists and veterinarians have come to me in all of these years to ask how I do this, or to experience this wonderful way to float horse’s teeth. Those that have come are truly amazed not only to feel the last tooth with only their hand, but to feel for themselves that the sharp edge on the back of all the last cheek teeth are smooth.

But if you don’t believe me, just watch these 2 horses all the way through the process. The horse never lies.

See for yourself how Horsemanship Dentistry™ is the safer option for your horse

“The Approach” 1/8

“The Oral Palpation” 2/8

“Start The Lower Arcade 3/8

“The Bit Seat” 4/8

“Start The Upper Left” 5/8

“Finish The Upper Left” 6/8

“The Hand And Float” 7/8

“The Finish” 8/8