The Aging Project – Occlusal View

Geoff Tucker, DVM Aging Project 2 Comments

Things to look for
  • The inconsistencies while looking at just one identifying mark (cups, dental star, shape of the tooth).

Instructions –

Click on the first image to enlarge it and to see the age of the horse. Scroll through the images using your keyboard arrow keys, swiping on your touch screen or by clicking or tapping the arrows on the screen to the left or right of the image.

Horses aged 30 + down to 21 years (senior)

Horses aged 20 down to 11 years (adult)

Horses aged 10 down to 2 years (young)

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      Thank you for finding these and yes you have permission. They are all Creative Commons copyright which meands you may use them without asking but with attribution (“” and “Geoff Tucker, DVM”) and without modification.

      I apologize for the delay and no, I never got the email. I will be moving these images to another url this year: – you can find a lot of equine dental images there.

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