Why Horsemanship Dentistry?

It’s all about connecting with the horse and getting feedback from a willing partner. It isn’t as easy as working on a sedated horse, but the information we receive from them tells us so much more than just looking inside their mouths with a flash light.

It is what makes Horsemanship Dentistry™ so much more than just “equine dentistry,” more than just “2 floats and a bucket,” more than unproven theories experimentally applied to your horse.

Horsemanship Dentistry™ is connection – the reason we all live and breathe horses every day of our lives.

“It was both a relief and a learning experience for me AND my horses. They are used to being tied down and/or drugged half to death to have work done on their teeth. You made it so quick and easy.”Jimmy Simons on Horsemanship Dentistry™ via a post comment after a Horsemanship Dentistry™ visit

Why Horsemanship Dentistry?

The dentists listed in this directory are certified in Horsemanship Dentistry™. They have been trained and tested by the instructors of the Horsemanship Dentistry School. This means that they represent the integrity, ethics, techniques and horsemanship developed by Geoff Tucker, DVM when he floated his first horse in 1983.

In 2014, Dr Tucker and Melissa Buday opened the school to train horsemen in the skills of applying horsemanship to equine dentistry. Combined, they have floated over 65,000 horses. And certified Horsemanship Dentists have been tested against the stringent standards set by this experience.

Horsemanship Dentistry is experience.

“The work itself was spectacular. Every tooth was accounted for, including the ones way in the back. The bit seat is perfect. My horse is very soft on the bit, light in the hand and very well balanced from side to side. His meal is well digested (no undigested grain in his manure).”Ellen Lerner via a PollDaddy comment after a Horsemanship Dentistry™ visit

Why Horsemanship Dentistry?

Horsemanship Dentistry™ is all about truth, trust and knowledge ~ with the horses and the people in their lives.

As horse dentistry becomes more popular, it also becomes more confusing.  With so much information available, how do you know what is true?

  • Hand floating versus motorized instruments
  • Horsemanship versus automatic medication
  • Feeling the teeth versus looking at them
  • To even float the teeth versus not worrying about the teeth at all

Let these 29 video answers to frequently asked questions help.

Horsemanship Dentistry™ is integrity – teaching what we know to be truths based on tens of thousands of horses.

“Thank you for providing superb dental care to my pony, Benny. Melissa had amazing intuition about Benny and he was appreciative of her caring, compassionate , professional approach. I was appreciative of Melissa and Dr. Tucker answering my questions and adding to my equine health education. Thank you and we look forward to the next appointment.”Sue Boults and Benny via a PollDaddy comment after a Horsemanship Dentistry™ visit

Why Horsemanship Dentistry?
It’s everythiny horse owners want for their horses

Horsemanship Dentistry™ is simply this:

  • Respect to owners and managers with accurate appointment times
  • Education of all people about dentistry and any other horse husbandry information
  • Automatic connection with your horse that deepens as we work
  • Addressing every edge of every tooth
  • Removing all sources of pain from within the mouth
  • Applying working theories based on about 65,000 horses floated
  • The backing of a veterinarian trained at Cornell University’s Veterinary School
“Our horses are happy…and when they are happy, we are happy. We have the utmost respect and trust!”
Michelle Rine via a PollDaddy comment after a Horsemanship Dentistry™ visit

8 Short Videos
Showing Horsemanship Dentistry™

Click the 1st video (mobile) or the 1st video in the upper left row (computers) to start the videos in order. Then just scroll through all 8 videos using the arrow keys (hover over video to display) and you will see what we do every day with Horsemanship Dentistry.

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