Melissa Buday

  • Registered over 12,000 floats since 2009
  • Instructor at The Horsemanship Dentistry School
  • Certified level 4 (highest) in Horsemanship Dentistry
  • Hand floats only
  • No drugs used

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Why Winning Edge

The use of horsemanship dentistry allows for:

  • No automatic drugging.
  • No hanging the head.
  • No power tools.
  • Smoothing of every sharp painful edge.
  • Maintaining a healthy mouth and preventing premature tooth loss.
  • Horses that perform better and are happier.


$125 per horse includes:

  • Hand floating your horse and removing every point on every tooth.  Yes, even the last cheek teeth. I promise you.
  • Arriving on time
  • Respecting your time and property
  • If something is discovered beyond just floating or if your horse needs pain medication to float, I have a working relationship with a veterinarian or we can use your vet.
  • If you are unhappy for any reason with my work or the way I work with your horse, all you need to do is ask me to stop and I will.
  • I treat you as family and your horse like a family friend.

Coverage area

I cover an area within 4 hours of Campobello, SC.

A minimum of 5 horses total in a day are required to schedule a visit.

If you have less than 5 horses on your farm to float, then you will be placed in a loop of travel with other scheduled farms to make the minimum of 5 horses per day.

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Meet Melissa Buday

Melissa Buday is a certified Horsemanship Dentist with over 7 years experience and more than 11,500 horses floated.

Melissa Buday